Extracting Credentials from Secure Store Service

– 1 Minutes

The Secure Store Service in SharePoint 2010 is a really convenient way of storing credentials for external applications. However, what do you do if you set up a credential in the service, but forgot to record the password? No worries…with a little PowerShell script we can retrieve all username/password combos from the service.

Deleting Closed Web Parts From SharePoint Pages

– 2 Minutes

A common complaint from SharePoint 2007 was that pages would become slow over time. This was usually due to users closing web parts instead of deleting them from the page. Even though Microsoft fixed this problem in SharePoint 2010, some people might like to find closed web parts and delete them. The other day I came across a post by Phil Wicklund, and although the script is functional as-is, I decided to expand on it.