With the new Unified Interface apps for Dynamics 365, it is now possible to "log in" as another user. This will be a major benefit to administrators/customizers as they troubleshoot issues on behalf of their users. The reason this is possible is because most (all?) of the data interactions in Unified Interface apps are done through the API, and the API supports user impersonation!

Microsoft occasionally deploys updates to Dynamics 365 without notice. This is considered unplanned maintenance and they do it to fix critical bugs and patch security holes. Using the Version Monitor solution, you can create a Flow to notify you whenever the version number has changed!

I've posted a few blogs so far about the Custom Controls Framework. If you haven't seen them, you can check them out here. Here are a few other random thoughts on unbound controls, further exploration, and some open questions I have.

Relevance Search in Dynamics 365 is built on top of Azure Search, but since Microsoft manages the service for us on the back-end, we can't use the standard REST API to access it. However, there is an undocumented wrapper endpoint in Dynamics 365 that we can use which functions essentially the same as the Azure Search API!

Do you have two Dynamics 365 environments -- for example, one for sales and one for service -- and wish you could show data from one in the other? With the Dynamics 365 Data Provider solution, you can! The solution allows you to create Virtual Entities tied to an external Dynamics 365 data source and pull in data from any entity.