Scheduling Reports in Dynamics 365 - Part 2

– 3 Minutes

In the previous post, we created an Azure Function which generates an SSRS report from Dynamics 365. We can now hook that function up to Microsoft Flow as a custom connector, where we can use it as an action in a flow to send the response (i.e. the report file) in an email.

Scheduling Reports in Dynamics 365 - Part 1

– 13 Minutes

A common request with Dynamics 365 is the ability to email an SSRS report on a recurring basis, which is possible in the on-premises version but not online. There are several solutions available that let you schedule "reports" in Dynamics 365, but they all have one problem -- they don't actually schedule a report! They do let you schedule Advanced Find queries, and while that may work if you just want basic tabular data, what do you do if you want to schedule an SSRS report? Everyone will tell you that it's not possible, but it actually is. Read on to find out how!

Two-Way Azure Aware Plugins

– 4 Minutes

Azure-aware plugins can be used to run custom business logic on-premises and have the responses returned to Dynamics 365. This allows you to access internal integrate Dynamics 365 with your internal line-of-business applications.